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2 Ideas to decorate outdoor spaces Decorate with flowers!

Today I propose two great ideas, to decorate outdoor spaces. Decorative solutions very easy to make at home and, which, give a striking and natural touch to our surroundings. Have a celebration or simply because you like to take care of the decoration of your home, these ideas can be taken into account or always rectify and change what you are not convinced.

Our outdoor spaces we have to take care of and decorate them, do not leave it; In autumn and winter you can have a patio, a garden or a terrace in perfect condition to use it. In times of cold, depending on where you live, there are also great days when you can have breakfast outdoors or eat, read a book … etc

In the first picture I leave you a great centerpiece and very easy to make, yes, do you have corks? You can get these caps from the glass bottles, if you are the one who loves to keep the corks as a souvenir or to create great crafts, now you can put them all in a beautiful container. In this large and glass case, we see a large glass full of corks.

Fill a little and then integrate a flower or a plant that you like, then continue filling to fix it and not fall to the side. An idea is to put a bouquet of parsley, the green color brings calm and gives a very natural touch to the table. If you also add wood accessories, it will look great.

In the following idea we see that they have recycled some glass jars. The bottles you use try to have a special line and that you like. Then tie with a rustic rope a stick or a tree with a fine trunk; You can also nail the branches yourself (they can be pruned) and then tie the jars.

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Hold well so they do not drain and then fill with water and add a nice wild bouquet or the flowers you like best. With some paper butterflies, this time the perfect ornament has been left … An idea is to place the sticks outlining a small path What do you think?

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