decorar la entrada de casa para halloween

2 Ideas to decorate the entrance of your house

Do you want to decorate the entrance of your house? For this I leave you with three great ideas, which will solve the decoration of your exteriors for Halloween. Are you looking for ideas for the entrance of your house? I hope you find these two options very useful! I also tell you that they can be carried out by taking them to our land and, customizing them as you want.


The first option I leave, consists of three lanterns and a few pumpkins. Hang the lanterns wherever you want, in this case in an iron structure, then cover them with white sheets. Try using a translucent fabric such as tulle. Then turn on the lantern and tie, the fabric, from the lower part of it!They will look like ghosts! Finally add a few pumpkins and voila what do you think? This idea can be done anywhere, even on the balcony of the house.

The second option seems very interesting. In it they have placed, right next to the entrance door, three garden brooms, witch shoes and a pumpkin next to the toad. This is easy to recreate, look for some garden brooms or manufacture them yourself with a piece of branch and a few dry twigs. With rustic rope, tie the whole set and go. The sign, to hang, we can find anywhere … although you can also put a piece of wood, with something written by us. Another idea is to put a candy maker, it will be great for children to come and ask.

decorate the house entrance for halloween

Finally add some Pointed shoes and occasional items like pumpkins, toads or elves. If you also put a few autumnal leaves, the space will be great. This can be done in a patio, on the terrace or balcony of your home or at the entrance of it. What do you think?

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