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2 ideas to decorate the pots at home

If you are bored of your pots, pots and planters … today I propose two fantastic ideas to perform at home, quietly. Both ideas are great, although very different from each other. They can share space with rustic-style decorations or more extravagant spaces, I love it!

In the first option we see how they have solved everything by adding a few branches, easier impossible! Take some branches, they may be similar or some longer than others. Try to have more or less the same thickness. The idea is to line the pot with these branches. As a solution they have put a mesh or a piece of sackcloth around the entire pot. In this fabric we sew or glue the branches, with the design we want. It is a very natural and economic idea. What do you think?

The second idea to decorate pots or planters that we want to change, is to use thread and rope. A great solution for wool, rope and thread lovers in general. You can also combine this idea with some paint, but this is only an option. To facilitate the design, you can first trace it on the surface of the pot with the help of a marker. Then go pasting the thread that can be braided or normal.

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Add different colors and go outlining the entire drawn pattern, in this case some beautiful green leaves. The green color is also made with thread, there is no paint you look good. The question is to fix everything spectacularly, for this we will use a specific glue to use it on the material from which the pot is made. Finally, add your favorite plants and place the pot wherever you want.

As you can see it is easy to decorate pots and not only add small details or simply paint them, you can create things like the ones we have seen today. Use your imagination and mix different techniques to decorate pots, you'll see how beautiful they are left Want to try?

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