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2 Ideas to decorate the pots of your home

Today I propose two great ideas, to decorate the pots you have at home. Especially for indoor pots, both ideas are good and different from others we have seen. Although a method very similar to other decorations is used, this time we use the paper to create a striking pattern to the pot.

If you are tired of your usual pots, add a new touch of color! You can create ingenious pots, bright colors, elegant, rustic style … there are many ways to decorate … and today I show two of them. If you love upholstering, you are in luck since this time we are going to upholster the paper based sherds.

In the first idea that I propose, we see a pot covered with newspapers or, rather, with the remains of newspapers. Simply use a brush and vinyl glue, the typical carpenter for wood. Cut a few strips of newspaper, then soak part of the surface of the pot and lay a strip of paper.

Then, with the brush dipped in a solution of half glue, half water, go gluing all the papers. You will see that they remain quite fixed and dry immediately. Once the surface dries, you can add another layer of the mixture … with this we achieve not only harden the final result, so that it lasts longer, also more shine.

Add a scrap of rustic ribbon and a flower, so that it looks even more rustic. Finally move your plant to the pot. The end result is very curious and can serve to enrich part of the decoration of your home.

On the other hand we have another pot, equally upholstered … but this time based on squares made of fabric … you can also use a paper that you like. With a little glue, go pasting all the squares of paper … this way the final result will be type patchwork What do you think? Add a rustic ribbon, with a beautiful bow and ready to decorate your favorite corners.

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