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2 Ideas to decorate your outdoor umbrellas

Today I propose two ideas to decorate your outdoor umbrellas. If you want to change their look, make them something different … these ideas can lead to new projects. What do you think? If you like to renew your own things, if you love to decorate and want to try something different, here I leave you these ideas.

Decorating your umbrellas is very easy, in the first idea we see a series of large leaves attached to the fabric of the umbrella. Like the large leaf shapes you may like, if you are not convinced you can draw another type of figure or design that you like more. The idea of ​​the sheets is to draw on canvas, freehand or through a template, the shape of a sheet.

Then trim and paste with fabric glue. Remember that the fabric to use, to decorate the leaves, must be resistant to sun and / or rain, so it will last much longer. As you can see it is easy and you can add something different to your usual umbrella … in fact you will never lose sight of it on the beach.

The next idea is to adhere a few flowers of fabric, a fabric that resists well outside so that it lasts much longer. We see a series of roses that have been fixed around the umbrella … It's a good idea, although I think I would like more another type of flower or maybe another design with them. You can put them together to the side or create another type of flower that moves with the air, this will give it dynamism.

decorated umbrella

Anyway for flower lovers can love the idea. Here I leave the inspiration for you to do your projects yourself. Decorating the sun umbrella is a practical idea, especially to distinguish from all others What do you think?

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