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2 Ideas to dry plants and flowers

Today I propose two great ideas to dry plants and flowers that we like the most. There are other techniques for drying flowers, so that they remain beautiful and can decorate various spaces in our home. There is a wide range of possibilities to decorate with plants such as fresh, in pots, in planters, in other types of bases; cloth or plastic flowers, flowers that we make by recycling materials that we have at home.

We also have the possibility to paint them … but like real flowers, practically nothing. Particularly I prefer to decorate with dried flowers or dried flowers, I think they look quite interesting wherever we put them. You can dry plants and flowers and decorate with them in a vase or a book, make small or large bouquets or you can even remove the petals and make aromatic potpourri.

If you have a large bouquet and you don't want your flowers to spoil and you don't know what to do, unless you can crionize them… I just tell you that an idea is to dry the plants. For them I propose two methods. The first method is to hang it flower or flowers upright and upside down. The heads, petals and others must be face down. Hang the bouquet like this for as long as you see fit, try never to touch the plants … just observe, we will notice when they have dried.

For a thick bouquet, I spent about 2 months until it dried. I hung it on the wall and forgot a little about it. A couple of months later I already had the dry bouquet, this will depend on the thickness of the flowers and plants to dry. When it is ready, go around the bouquet and as if nothing, all straight and without deformation (so it is one of the techniques that I like most)

Another great idea is to cut the flower or flowers and put them in a notebook or book that weighs. With the passing of the days it will dry very soon, only they will come out crushed that are also very interesting to decorate other kinds of things. Both techniques are equally interesting and dry perfectly … yes, I recommend that the plants you want to dry are rather large or thick, in this way they will not break as easily as the small ones.

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