2 Ideas to optimize the terrace

2 Ideas to optimize the terrace

Today I propose two ideas to optimize the terrace and give a very different style to the one I already had. They are a couple of good tips that will help you decorate both balconies and terraces, remember the importance of taking advantage of our outdoor spaces, large or small.

The first idea that I propose, to optimize the terrace, the garden or a patio, is to invent a water path on one edge. In this way we will give a very natural brushstroke to the typical tile of this space. To do this you can choose a construction pond, or a small pond, taking care that the base is made of cement and well smeared so we will obtain a smooth base. You can also do it with a plastic tarp specifically made for it.

With a boulder line, the road will be perfect so we don't step on it. Then you can choose some beautiful plants, some flowers that you like and that you can grow in pots and some species of water to decorate the path or the small pond of water. If you live in an apartment, you should be careful not to heat your water path or your small prefabricated pond.

Another great idea to get a terrace with a Zen theme It will choose natural materials to decorate. Choose materials such as wood, stone or elements such as water and plants to make Zen-like decorations. Choose accessories and simple elements that combine with each other.

Finally you must dedicate a small corner to meditate, you can use something comfortable to put it on the floor. If you have a safe garden you will have no problem in making a corner to meditate. With some rules to follow, the idea of ​​transforming our exteriors into Zen-style places where we can meditate is not bad.

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