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3 Ideas to decorate the pots

The pots and sherds, which I propose today, are very easily decorated. If you are looking for ideas to decorate the pots of your home, you have found the right article. Today I propose three formidable ideas that you can do at home quietly. Use materials that you have nearby, you do not need to buy them, so there is a decoration of the most economical.

To decorate the house pots, we have many items available and surely much closer than it seems. With fabric, with a little glue or even with a suitable paint, you will achieve great effects. If you have tired of your pots or planters, try renewing and decorating with them.


Why not try decorating a table with pots? If you are going to have guests, a detail is to decorate with flowers. In this case we see that each pot has been covered by a piece of cloth. The chosen fabric will define the decoration style, in this case we see that it is not sackcloth, but it resembles. Cut the fabric you want, in the form of a square, then place the pot in the center and collect all the tissue up. Finally tie with a rustic rope or ribbon.


decorate the pots

If you like the technique of patching, here I leave you with a pot that has been decorated with cloth of different colors and patterns. As you see the result is beautiful and very alive, it seems a little fantasy. To do this, choose the fabric you want, cut many squares and then fix these, to the pot. With carpenter's glue and a brush, you can stick the cloth the way you want, in this case they look like rhombuses. When you finish, add a rope, it will be beautiful.


decorate the pots

By last, to decorate the pots, I leave you with this beautiful pot lined, literally, with newspaper. It is an example, so you can choose another type of paper that you like more. In this case, also with carpenter's glue mixed with water, we glue the remains of paper and wrap, thus, the pot. Finally add a rustic ribbon with a striking flower. Carpenter's glue will harden the surface, so the pot will be much stronger than it may seem.

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