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3 Ideas to decorate with hanging pots

Today I propose three beautiful ideas to decorate with hanging pots. Fabulous solutions to take advantage of the space, to decorate without occupying places such as the floor, the corners or the tables, ideas to recycle some pots that we have at home and we are tired of its location or its aesthetics.

Hanging pots, particularly, I see them as ornamental complements that greatly enrich our spaces. Both indoors and outdoors, they are beautiful accessories that we can have at home at affordable prices.

There are many types of hanging pots, large, small, made with rope, with wool or thread, there are many ways to make this type of pots. Today I leave you three great ideas that I consider perfect for different spaces. In the first one we can see how with some wool in pink, they have knitted with the knot-based fingers, a kind of small net which will hold the pot.

The placed pot is rather small in white, where we can plant some succulents, which always look good and are very decorative … also do not require too much care. On the other hand we have some recycled boxes that will serve as hanging planters.

As you can see the big one is placed down, while the smaller one is on the cusp. Each box has been prepared and filled with fertile soil. Then the plants may be the ones that best suit your spaces, your tastes and the weather you have at home. It is a great idea to recycle and decorate walls on the terrace or elsewhere in the house.

hanging pot

Finally we have a beautiful idea for winter, you can even do it for the next Christmas parties. This time a couple of pots have been hung, but they are made of dry and flexible branches. Tangled together and glued, they are fastened by beautiful chains and these to the ceiling. Inside you can put from plants, to other accessories such as lights or ornaments. The truth is that they are pretty good ideas to decorate with hanging pots.

hanging pot

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