3 plants that will scare away mosquitoes

Today I propose 3 plants that will help you drive away the annoying summer mosquitoes. Because yes, we are in summer and with the heat and humidity … mosquitoes proliferate and love living in our bedrooms, in the kitchens and throughout the house … although they attack at night and especially on one of those nights we are sleeping sea ​​of ​​good.

To prevent mosquitoes from entering your home, we have three plants that you can use for this purpose. It is clear that we can also use mosquito nets Very easy to install and install, then remove them when summer ends and use them in the next one.

But if you like to decorate with plants, today I propose that you use three different species that will help you scare away mosquitoes and other bugs as wasps that are seen most during the day and when it is hot. If these terrible insects bother you, you can use rosemary, lavender or even citronella, to scare them and sleep perfectly throughout the summer.

In addition to helping mosquitoes not enter your bedroom or another part of the house, they will also serve as a beautiful ornament in our home … and not only this, it will endow it with an extraordinary aroma. By the way, now that Jasmine comes to mind is also another beautiful flower, with a delicious aroma, which frightens mosquitoes very well.

It is a good idea to grow these types of flowers in the garden, so that you can go out to sunbathe, eat, read, sleep or have our children play quietly outside without fear of bites. These natural repellents are one of the best things that we human beings have. If you can afford to use flowers and plants to repel some insects, it will be much better.

In addition, these plants are the most common and simple to obtain; You may even find them planted around you in the place where you live and you have not noticed. If the mosquitoes still sneak through your window, ensure this with a couple of pots or planters with these species.

Photo: ivillage

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