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4 Ideas to decorate with pruning branches

Today I propose four ingenious ideas to decorate with branches. Remember that this time we will provide decorative solutions with pruning wood, always pruning and that are more or less in good condition. DO NOT use rotten branches, do not use branches that contain fungi. If the material you are going to use contains some kind of life, we must first get rid of it with some very good specific products that can be bought.

Once you have the branches ready, here I propose four magnificent ideas that can help you by inspiring you in your future projects. We have already seen many things to create with branches and wood, but today we will see a few ideas more than sure … you will love them.

A great idea or this seems to me, is to convert a long and resistant branch into a handrail. If you have a ladder, it will be perfect to add it to the bar. Of course, try to treat the wood before, sand it and give it color or not. Then it is very important to anchor it beautifully so that we do not have any accidents.

decorate with branches

Another great idea, to decorate with pruning branches, will be to organize them to create a table stand. You can stack the wood both vertically and horizontally. Join them together forming a "perfect" and solid structure and then put a crystal on it. So you will have a completely rustic touch in your decoration and a table where you can drink coffee, snack …

On the other hand we have the idea of ​​creating a beautiful centerpiece, with the help of a thick branch. This centerpiece, surrounded by small pumpkins (ideal for Halloween) has also become a great candle holder. The holes made strategically, are worth for small candles so the wood will not burn.

Finally, a great idea is to convert the branches into some great coat hangers. As you can see, inside a rectangle of boards, they have placed a series of cut branches. With the help of the branches that come out, you can hang jackets, scarves or bags What do you think?

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