5 steps to prune an Aloe Vera plant

5 steps to prune an Aloe Vera plant

Do you grow Aloe Vera? You will know that, like all plants, it is necessary to prune it so that it grows healthy and develops in perfect conditions. Pruning is not everything, that is, it is part of a set of care that we must offer our plants. Pruning a plant can be complicated, if we do not know what we should cut or we have never done it.

It is important to know what we are going to cut, so do not cut by cutting. Pruning a plant is common, but not all is done in the same way. Aloe Vera is a somewhat special plant, so we will not treat it the same when pruning a different plant. In five steps, we will know which sheets to remove and when to do it; in this way pruning will not affect the growth or health of the specimen.


With a sharp knife, we will remove the leaves from the base of the plant. Those that are close to the earth. Remove the leaves you see sick, dry or burned. You can make a cut and leave part of the blade that looks healthy. To take out the interesting gel, select an outer sheet, since these are the ones that contain most of this gel, which characterizes them. Cut with the knife, carefully, the contour with thorns at the end of the blade. Remember that you can use the more mature leaves as a body cream or even ingest them (we will always eliminate the green part and keep the inside


Eliminating dry, dead or damaged leaves will be the main purpose. Leaves that do not look healthy or have discolorations should also be removed. Remember that pests and / or diseases can infect the plant. If this happens, it is necessary to remove these sheets.


We must control the size of our plant, eliminating children. We will do this using pruning as a tool. When you see new and small leaves, which protrude a few centimeters, remove them, with everything and roots, from the pot. It is important to do this, because the children take energy from the mother plant.


We must also prune the roots of the plant, Aloe vera. When transplanting, an Aloe Vera, trim most of the long roots. This will make it easier to transplant and will make your plant stronger. This step is simple and will save us other problems.

prune a plant


Finally, to prune our plant well, try to focus the growth of the green leaves, cutting the flower stalks just after finishing emergence and before they drop seeds. If your Aloe Vera is indoor, the most normal thing is that you do not have to perform this step.

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