6 Gardening Tricks -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

6 Gardening Tricks -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

In today's space we want to provide 6 ideas, tricks or solutions to take care of our yard. If you want to know some small tricks with which to do with the garden, here we leave you these first three suggestions.

The first refers to sowing, remember that plants need their space .. so planting them too close together will not allow them to develop properly. If you want the growth of your plant to be correct, respect the space between them.

Something very important is get rid of weeds There may be where we want to plant, once we have done it, make a hole wide enough and insert your plants.

The natural fertilizers They are the best for our plants to grow in all their splendor. Try to remove the soil well and mix it with fertilizer such as peat, manure or compost. We will try to avoid, during this stage, using non-organic fertilizers.

With respect to sown, as a last tip if you are going to plant a tree is to introduce a stake in the hole … it will help us to hold it vertically until the roots take hold.

Another very important stage to mention is the watered. We want to achieve the best irrigation for our plants, so they will grow healthy and full of life. Always try not to forget to water during the first year … because the roots are not yet well rooted and may not develop properly.

Generally good water the plants very early, in the morning .. if not, better do it in the afternoon .. when the sun is falling. This is done so that the plant collects the moisture it needs and, thus, the sun does not dry it.

Keep in mind that outdoor plants usually require more water … especially those that are subject to a lot of sun and wind … yes, if you are not sure it is better that the plant is with less water, than sin by excesses and rot the root.

Finally we will talk about the fertilization. Remember that it is important to fertilize our plants every year. The best fertilizers are those that combine organic fertilizers with minerals.

The seasons in which it is ideal fertilize It's fall and winter, so you know! To fertilize in conditions we will expand a layer of 2 to 3 cm thick and bury it superficially with the shovel .. remember that some strata are thinner than others.

We will add mineral fertilizer, on the basis of plants .. with a frequency of one to two months .. it is important to know what kind of fertilizer we have, because we have to do the same thing less frequently.

It is important to add to the earth iron rich nutrients, once a month … this is the way for our plants to maintain a healthy green color.

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