6 Gardening Tricks -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

6 Gardening Tricks -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

As we discussed in the previous space, today we will continue with three others tips or suggestions to help you get the most out of your garden.

In the previous one we talked about planting, irrigation .. etc. Today we will talk about weeds, pruning and diseases or pests in some species.

For fight weeds correctly that can be formed in the soil of your garden, the first thing is to learn to use the anti-weed nets. This will not allow any type of plant or land, but in some we can have it as a solution.

If we place gravel, peat or pine bark on the base and around the plants, it will prevent weeds from coming out. It is a fairly simple solution that will avoid many head problems.

If you decide to tear them out with your hands, we will keep in mind that they are like the beautiful one… the more time you spend tearing them off, the weaker they will sprout.

Finally, a quite advisable option is to water the ground the day before so the soil will be much softer and will be much more easy to tear weeds.

Now we go with the pruning. Remember that in addition to being something to decorate, we make sure that our plants develop correctly in good health. Therefore we have to know what we do, let us cut more than the account.

When we go to prune look at the diseased branches that are dry or broken, some annoying segments, certain ramifications that are exaggeratedly large or, for example, fruits that are rotten or in poor condition .. withered flowers .. etc.

Finally, about pests and / or diseases.. we must be very attentive to them. Remember that we must do all of the above so that our plants are strong … because in this way they will become much more resistant to insects.

We will also examine them carefully .. the leaves, the stem .. for abnormalities in their coloration or insects, small pints and others .. this will help us prevent diseases.

In many cases it is necessary to use a specific product such as insecticides or fungicides to get rid of pests and diseases. Remember that we can catch some insects by hand.

Against him aphid and certain attacks Of pests we can use other bugs as mediators .. for example ladybugs. Finally, we tell you that any branch that has been attacked by fungi must be cut and burned.

With these tips we will surely learn to get the most out of our plants and garden, patio or balcony!

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