A barbecue on the Balcony

A barbecue on the Balcony

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will take the opportunity to give you some great ideas to locate a barbecue on the balcony.

If you have this space and you also love barbecues, here we leave you these suggestions that will surely inspire you.

Taking advantage of the balconies is practically indispensable. Depending on the dimensions of these, we can add a table, some chairs and some beautiful plants.

For those who love the barbecue, whenever they have room we can install one or stand one .. there are them at very good prices .. If you also have room for some seats, perfect!

But what happens if you have a small balcony? Now we propose a great solution to have a barbecue, for only 60 euros.

If you thought all the barbecues were similar, we show you that there are also hanging barbecues!

With this hanging barbecue, we will have space to make the food and be able to eat it .. in a chair or take it inside the house. It is small, very organized and is ideal for walking with a couple of friends.

It is no longer necessary to have a large barbecue, if it does not fit on your balcony .. with this article we can eat like a charm and it is only necessary to hang it from the railing.

You like the hanging barbecue, his name is Bruce and imitates the shape of the hanging planters. It fits with some great hooks that will be well fixed on the railing … and whenever you want, you can remove it.

The measures that Bruce barbecue has are 55 cm long x 16 wide .. and we can get it in Design3000 for 59.90 euros.

As you can see now we can have a small barbecue for us that does not take up space and the food will be equally delicious. We hope you like

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