A Bath full of Plants!

A Bath full of Plants!

Good morning to all who read us. Today we want to provide a very special space to decorate all our bathrooms. If you love plants and choose to include some in this type of room … from here we want to give you a couple of tips.

We love plants and we know that the bath It is one of the busiest places in the house, in addition to suffering from high and low temperatures, humidity, water and other products that we can have in the bathroom.

Not all plants are the most suitable for this type of room, but here we leave you some so that you can start doing a profile and thus know what you want to put in the bathroom.

In general, for indoor plants .. the bathroom is one of the perfect environmental conditions, not for all but if in general the most common. There are also delicate plants that will favor this type of climate. Think that if your bathroom has plenty of natural light it will be an ideal place for your plants.

Otherwise, if you have a bathroom that does not have windows we can always add certain dummy light components that will help our plant like mirrors, light colors on the walls … etc.

As we already have a little clear that the bathrooms are almost perfect rooms for certain types of indoor plant, here we leave you a small relationship with which surely, they will go perfectly.

One of the plants that will be phenomenal is the Adam's rib, its intense green leaves and large .. the new leaves will be light green .. try to buy one that has some new leaves.

Another plant that we propose in a small herbaceous called Phytonin, its stem is normally creeping although sometimes it becomes erect. The leaves are wide and oval. We can see these leaves in various colors .. the flowers are small and are usually joined in a spike.

Finally another recommended plant is a small one, rather compact. Plea It is a beautiful plant with oval leaves, we can see them in dark green and silver tones. The flowers of this plant are white, they are very small.

Do not limit yourself only to the plants selected here, there are many others to which the conditions of your bathroom will be phenomenal and you will surely love having them.

Finally, look for information about plants What you want to put, because not all develop the same and do not have the same care … even if they are indoor. Always avoid putting plants that need a stable temperature, inside the bathroom .. because here we all know that temperatures can be much more extreme. Choose plants that tolerate moisture.

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