A-Bed Your folding bed - Ideas for gardens and decoration

A-Bed Your folding bed – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Dear friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about an article that may be missing in our garden … especially if we have a pool .. The a-bed is simply perfect, comfortable, functional and occupies a tiny space. How? being foldable!

The ideal of A-bed It is the ability to fold on itself that it has, this is a great functionality because when we are not going to use it for some time we can always place it in any corner.

The bed has been specially designed for outdoor, withstanding high temperatures, water, rain, bad weather … A-bed also has two functions, the hammock and umbrella, all in one piece.

A-bed is made with quite light materials, although it may seem very heavy .. this makes storage and storage especially easy. The inspiration and idea in general is quite original and ingenious.

The structure made of wood, includes as accessories some beautiful curtains that safeguard your privacy and makes the whole much more beautiful. These curtains can be left both open and closed if it gives us too much sun or we simply want some privacy.

A-bed was designed by Huang Chao, a project as ingenious as practical, original and above all comfortable. When you get tired or want to pick up the garden you just have to fold the bed and voila!

A-bed won the award for best design, within the category – Pool and Patio – TIFF Award 2012. So here are some photos so you know how this wonder is.

A comfortable and practical design in which we can rest, sleep, reflect, read a good book, sunbathe … or whatever you want … it is also ideal and very comfortable for a person and if wind rises … we will only have Than throw the curtain and hook it.

Finally, thanks to the height, it isolates us from the ground, leaving it as a kind of hammock and umbrella.

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