A bigger garden! - Ideas for gardens and decoration

A bigger garden! – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Do you want to beautify your home garden? If you really want to make it look great, there are only a few basic rules that must be followed. For this, here are some clues that can make your garden look beautiful too:

Adequate lighting:

Some plants require lighting, while others do not. Try to provide adequate lighting for plants that need it. How to know which one? Well, when you buy the seeds, there it says in the note, the type of plant and its conditions. If you already have large plants and do not know the type of lighting you should have, at least consult the garden magazines or search the network for the type of plant you have. Keep that in mind because your plant can die.

This is why it is so important to protect plants that do not need too much sunlight, so be sure to keep these plants in shady areas of your garden. This can ensure healthy growth for your plants and helps improve the appearance of your garden.

Soil conditions:

Examine the drainage patterns to determine the type of soil. Choose the soil according to the type of plants you want to grow in your garden.

Annual and perennial crops:

Grouping similar plants is a wonderful way to keep your garden looking beautiful. Before planting all the plants so that they remain perennials in one place, the types of plants must be determined. Also take into account the weather conditions in which these plants adapt and make sure if they need shade or light, this will depend on the location to plant them.

Color combinations:

Depending on your taste and the design plan of your garden, choose the right colors for your garden. Colors like blue and lavender are awesome for fall. In spring, the yellow or white plant to give your garden a fresh appearance.

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