A birthday decoration outdoors?

A birthday decoration outdoors?

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We wonder if you have an event to celebrate as a birthday, a meeting with your friends and their children .. etc.

That is why we have thought that with the good weather, the ideal is celebrate these events in our green areas.. but for this today we leave you some great ideas, very simple and quick to make, so you can enjoy the best decorative details and not only you, also the rest of the people.

Today we have some great ideas to decorate a certain type of parties, although they can serve as an inspiration … do not stay alone with what you read, believe!

We all know that the table is one of the points of attention of a party, and more if you have food, so we will make it beautiful! A great tablecloth, a great tableware and the best centerpiece .. for this we will use the flowers!

Now we leave you two ideas about centerpieces, you can choose one or combine the two if it is a large place. For the first, if you have cardboard on hand, to make cones will be great .. you can choose it in the color that you like or better go with your party, then just make some ornament holes and roll it up. You can combine colors or put different cones .. it is best that everyone will be filled with beautiful flowers!

Another idea to add spring charm to the table is to use the candy trays, with fresh flowers … so we will get a delicate and great attention point.

Garlands are a widely used element in this type of parties and events, making them costs nothing and we can add great style to the party. You can use cardboard, you can even set some flowers and put a wonderful flower garland!

If you want it even easier, tie a ribbon to one side of your garden, the other end on the other side and go adding photos of the honoree with tweezers .. simple, fast and fantastic.

For something even cheaper, use sweet treats and create wonderful garlands that will look like lace … ideal to enjoy our gardens during the summer and the party … if you add Christmas lights it will give a very attractive touch.

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