A crown made with pots

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with this fantastic crown made from small pots.

It's easy, it's fast and you can do it with the flowers you like best. You can add real flowers or flowers of fabric or other material.

Theirs is that they are authentic flowers, so it will be much better and the result will be more attractive. I liked this picture, I think it's a very original idea.

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<p>A different way to decorate with our plants and pots. It is not complicated and safe that at home many of you can do it.</p>
<p>It is enough to have a base, to fix the pots and also be able to hang them from a door or a wall. You also have to have a little silicone, some string, small pots and the flowers that go in it.</p>
<p>Try to make them resistant flowers, since they will be placed in a way that is not very natural and you may want the crown to decorate some events … so they will last longer.</p>
<p>If you have a wooden base, in the form of a hoop or something similar .. it is enough to do this. Now you just need a rope.</p>
<p>Go adhering pieces of rope, contouring the hoop .. and also fix it with a little silicone. This rope, fixed to the hoop, aims to be able to glue the small pots.</p>
<p>Once this is done, we are fixing the pots with silicone on the rope we already have. This way they will be well glued and will not fall.</p>
<p>Try to choose pots that weigh little, so we ensure that the whole set is not disassembled.</p>
<p>Finally let it dry and look for a good place to hang this beautiful crown made with pots.</p>
<p>The idea is quite good and different from other things we see. If you need an idea to decorate the door of your house or any space, today I leave this crown!</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=triedandtwisted

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