A Garden in the City. 1st Edition Unopiù Contest

A Garden in the City. 1st Edition Unopiù Contest

Dear friends and lovers of the gardening, in our space today we will talk about the first edition of the Unopiù contest, already done.

Europa Collection – A garden in the city – It was organized by who gives name to Unopiù himself. To this special event, different participants were invited to participate design schools, specifically four: Esag from Paris, FDI in Barcelona, HFBK in Hamburg and La Sapienza from Rome

With more than 60 projects ahead, where trends and styles in decoration and gardening of different European cities are seen.

All projects were pleasantly received with curiosity and enthusiasm. Works very intelligent and full of style, were those seen in this great event chaired by the architect Luca Scacchetti, In addition to the whole jury and the rest of the collaborators.

In the contest, the jury could see the new tendencies and the different urban styles, of these four design schools, with their respective considerations. Among these considerations, great attention is highlighted on the integration or implementation of nature in our lives.

Great decorative projects were also seen, whose main characteristics are the materials with which they are made, always eco-sustainable.

On the other hand, the event reaches the climax with exhibited projects that were complemented through videos, capturing, illustrating and contextualizing the products designed for this purpose.

In general all the projects presented were very positive, because they are beautiful and intelligent solutions for a better world … but not only this, they are also practically all of great viability.

The three great finalists will be announced in the store Unopiù -Milan- in Via Pontaccio. The date of the great outcome will be April 19 at 8:30 p.m.

This first edition of the Unopiù contest has had great expectation, so we would love to present some of the projects that have been seen … who knows, maybe they serve as an inspiration!

The project we see in the first picture is simply lovely, perfect for urban areas or large gardens …! As a place of reflection and rest Intimi City It has made a great system very comfortable. The structure is made of light materials and its shape allows great visual transparency.

Another of these magnificent projects is called Umbra, a beautiful urban alcove that thanks to its structure proposes a great novelty … a kind of igloo where you can rest in the nature. This great project is a tribute to the well-known Mario Merz.

The project would be carried out in natural materials, whose structure is perfect to be covered with climbing plants … but the ideal of the project is that it is designed so that, with the passage of time, it disappears with the natural deterioration itself.

Within the structure you can rest, play with your children, spend time, read and all the use you want to give … as you see it is a contest with extraordinary and very interesting ideas.

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