A Little Garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

A Little Garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about how to make a great garden in areas where there are not many square meters.

If you have an outside place, but it is small … do not worry, today we teach you to get the most out of these spaces.

Remember that many of us mistakenly think that having a garden is the same as having a very large space either in the front of our home, or in the back areas.

But this is not so, we can have a small garden that will be our delicacies, without having to envy other larger ones.

Remember to keep in mind that a small space can become the most welcoming place in our entire house, we just have to structure it well and know how we want it.

The most important thing to have a small garden is to make a focus point, so that we clarify we must choose a plant that we like very much and put it in the center .. in this way it will be the protagonist of the small garden.

Imagine that you like roses, well .. because it covers everything from roas .. don't put too many different flowers .. because the space is smaller .. if we put many different types of flowers and plants our eyes will saturate .. In this way we can put one or two types of plant without our sight.

Of course, we can have everything full of roses -as an example- but we can change the color, in this way we will also avoid saturation of all the same plants.

Think clearly about the study that we are going to give this space, whether or not they fit, the amount … remember that there are small-leaf plants that can make the garden look even bigger … the best thing is to take them bluish.

To finish we will do it in the following way, when you study how your garden will go … remember to make different plans … at least two. One from the front and the other in the back .. we will do this with plants and trees.

This means that our eyes will first see the trees behind and then look forward, giving a sense of spaciousness.

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