Planta carnivora

A picturesque carnivorous plant (Part II)

We will continue talking about a picturesque carnivorous plant called Dionaea, also known as Diana flytrap, Flytrap, Dionaea muscipula. It is an easy plant to grow.

Your diet is a point that must be taken into account. The roots serve as an anchor, thanks to them he drinks water, but in reality he feeds on his traps. This type of plant should not be fertilized.

You can endure for months doing only photosynthesis, you should not try to play with their traps not to force her to eat since she will hunt on her own when she needs it, in addition the bugs she hunts must be alive. One option is bring a fly once a week or some other little bug to say.

These foods should not be too large as it can generate a kind of indigestion. It is very interesting to see how the plant moves to imprison the insect forming a kind of cage. Once caught it dries slowly.

It is very important that you never play with their traps, although it may be curious to see how they close, you should not force the plant to do so since it can lead to death.

In order for the trap to close, the insect must touch the same hair or two hairs simultaneously in a row. This causes the plant to prevent be closed by raindrops.

If you have a Dionaea you can transplant it, but you can only do it every two years and only during the spring. It can be affected by different pests, the most common are aphids.

It is multiplied by leaf cutting and by division of kills in spring, in these cases it must be in a controlled atmosphere. It can also be multiplied by seeds during spring, in these cases it will only begin to grow when the weather exceeds 15 degrees and the humidity is high.

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