A small orange tree for your kitchen

A small orange tree for your kitchen

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about adding a great complement to the kitchen .. an orange tree with dwarf characteristics.

We have thought that if you want to add color, aroma and beauty to your kitchen, such a busy space, what better plant than to add a dwarf orange tree!

This magnificent plant is ideal to have it within this space, since its small dimensions are the most appropriate .. also we will have this scented stay thanks to its flowers and fruits … which can be used for dessert.

Normally, the size of the dwarf orange tree does not exceed one meter in height, although this will depend a little on the variety of the plant itself.

If you like the idea, your thing is to locate this plant well near the window … if it can be oriented south … this way you will receive as much natural light as you can.

The dwarf orange tree is a plant that needs a lot of light to develop in full faculties, so it is best to place it near the window, in a clear place and if it can be sunny … although indirect light is better … than the sun of full it could burn.

If you are in summer, the dwarf orange tree needs to be watered on a daily basis, but when we go into colder times it is yours once a week.

To pay, we will do it from spring to autumn and we do this with an organic fertilizer frequently. In winter we will try to use fertilizers that have magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc … so we will prevent the orange from falling before its time.

Finally we tell you about the ideal temperature that this magnificent plant should receive. Remember that these trees do not usually withstand frost and are sensitive to cold temperatures … so in winter it is your thing to have it at a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees at the very least.

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