A very natural candlestick

A very natural candlestick

Good morning everyone, today I leave you with this great and natural chandelier, to decorate any of your spaces.

On this occasion, we see the branch placed on a beautiful wooden table .. perfect to radiate that spectacular light that the candles give off.

I don't know about you but I love decorating with candles and besides, you save a lot on the electricity that will do us good.

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<p>If you also love to give a natural touch to your corners, this time you can achieve it with a simple and beautiful branch.</p>
<p>The length and how you want it to be thick, you choose it. No two branches are alike, they can be similar, but nature doesn't give them exactly the same … that's what is wonderful.</p>
<p>In this way take a branch that you like, depending on how large the table is and how it is, it is better one or the other smaller.</p>
<p>this time the table is large and rectangular, so it is beautiful an elongated branch, full of small branches.</p>
<p>In the joints, in the union of these branches there are some candles. You can put them easily .. you can use different fasteners.</p>
<p>You can also melt the base of the candle a little and then press it, so it will be well erect.</p>
<p>But one idea is to place a small nail or pin. With a hammer, nail the nail with care not to break the branch.</p>
<p>Nail as many nails, as candles you are going to put. Then you just have to take the candle out of the wrap and press it on the nails … they will be very straight.</p>
<p>Another idea is to varnish or paint the branch … you can paint it with a little silver, silver color … either with a sponge or with a little spray … it is a great idea to put it in some event or even this Christmas.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=melissacupcakee

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