A very natural room – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today I leave you with this room composed of simple furniture that radiates that naturalness we are looking for.

Because today, like so many days, I seek the integration of part of nature in our homes.

Especially for those who can enjoy great views of the forests, the mountains … maybe a lake, they will love having a corner like this.

A place where you can chat quietly, maybe have breakfast sometimes contemplating the sun ..

It is also a perfect place to drink coffee, tea, to snack or to eat .. a place that you can share with your family.

But also an intimate place, where you can share feelings, talk and express dreams, with your partner or spouse.

It is not so complicated to create a natural place, where plants and flowers also take center stage.

If you don't have a place or outer space, this is a nice solution. As you can see the room is located in front of the window, since natural light is very important in this type of compositions.

The arrangement is two seats next to the window and two facing the latter.

In the center of the room there is a small table, which catches my attention a lot.

It is made of wood, in a light color … which sticks and blends perfectly with the natural fiber carpet.

Under it, there is a box also made of natural fibers. A place where you can enter everything you need like magazines or books.

On the table there is a small mat and also a great centerpiece.

With a beautiful white flowers, next to its green stems and perfectly cut, it gives that natural touch.

The glass vase has just framed this beautiful centerpiece, which I hope you like it as much as I do.

Finally, the armchairs are covered with white seats, to combine well with everything and green textiles to match the flower stalks.

Photo: eatsy

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