Adam's Rib - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Adam's Rib – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today we talk about the care of Adam's Rib or also known as the Delicious Monstera.

If you like to decorate with plants, but you don't have a garden or a terrace, the best option is to choose some species that can be developed indoors.

Yesterday we talked about some indoor species that you can consider if you want to include green in the decoration of your home.

Today we talk about a single plant, known as Adam's Rib. It is a perfect and beautiful solution .. your care is so simple that we will not have any problem with it and more .. we can put it in the corner we want from our home.

It is a tropical species, belonging to the Araceae family. This impressive species can survive wherever you place it.

The leaves are prepared to avoid their own deterioration. This is due to the peculiar way in which they develop, reaching certain cuts in their mature stage to allow the passage of air.

This plant takes root underground and also on the surface thus captures the humidity of the environment. These roots tend to hang indoors just over two meters.

Adam's Rib produces edible fruits, his knowledge is rather sweet and similar to that of banana. Although planted indoors it is rare to produce them.

This plant develops perfectly at an average temperature, not so much below 10 degrees.

Remember that you should not receive sunlight directly as it is an indoor plant. Water the soil so that it is always wet in the months of November and March … while, during the rest of the year, let the land dry between waterings.

If you want to cut the plant a little, always do it below one of the roots that come out of the stem.

Remember that we can change Adam's Rib to another larger pot every two years.

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