Advice for plant care -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will give you some great tips to take care of our plants, as they deserve.

If you like to be surrounded by plants or simply have a couple of them decorating your home, today we leave you these tips so you know how to take care of them in a simple way.

With some maintenance we will achieve well-maintained, developed and beautiful plants. The tips are basic knowledge that we should have all of us who like to decorate with plants.

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<p style=We all have or have ever had plants, decorating the home, office, other centers, we have also turned them into great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, saints, for Valentine's Day or any other day!

With a little care we will see how the plants respond beautifully and will grow beautiful and healthy! With all this said, we leave you with the basic care of almost any plant.

One is never to abuse water, it is preferable that a little thirst passes .. without reaching the extreme. If we add a lot of water, we run the risk of drowning the plant and impoverishing the soil rotting the roots.

Like furniture and accessories, plants need to be cleaned of dust and look beautiful. It is also very good to eliminate or avoid parasites. It is also perfect to let the plant breathe.

From time to time we have to fertilize the land where you have the plants. In this way we will provide magnesium, iron, zinc. We have to look at this according to the species.

In the next article we tell you a little more about the basic care of plants. In this way we will give our home a natural touch, with well maintained plants.

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