Plantas que pueden cultivarse en contenedores

Advice for the care of plants in containers and pots

There are some species of plants that can be grown in containers. Let us keep in mind that plants that grow in pots do not do so completely in a natural condition, so they will require specific care.

When we have a new plant we must find out how often it is necessary to water it and if it can be placed or not in full sun, in addition to other care that helps in its correct development. Contrary to what is believed, potted plants do not have so many demands.

The plants that they are placed in containers They are a good choice for those who do not have enough place or lack of farmland. They are even very good for those who live in adverse weather zones. In the presence of extreme climates it is best to have potted plants, as they can easily move to more suitable sites.

For the plant to have a good development it is necessary that the planter is neither too small nor too large, but to maintain a certain balance and harmony between the plant and the size of the container. This will allow it to grow healthily.

When you go to buy a pot you must take into account the material, size and plant What will you put in it? The ideal models to be outdoors are those that have a firm base or those made of iron, clay or stone, this type of pot will need stability before a wind blow.

This type of pot will not have to directly host the root ball but may also be a pot holder. When a plant spends more than two years in a pot, the ideal will be to change it, so you can see its roots. By spending so much time the pot will surely be too small for growth and the root system may be damaged.

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