Aerial plants on your wall

Aerial plants on your wall

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk about a very special plant, which will help us create this beautiful vertical garden.

If you do not have space in your home, for some floors .. well because you do not have a balcony, terrace or a good patio or garden .. here we leave you this fantastic idea.

On other occasions we have talked about how to create a great vertical garden or plant wall, ideal for places with little space. But today we do it with a very special plant, using an unconventional tool.

For those people who cannot have plants, simply by space, today we have a tool that we can find in Flora Grubb Garden. This tool consists of a kind of punch with which we can make holes in the wall ideal to put certain plants.

The tool is called Thigmotrope Satellite, it corresponds to a base of three pieces that we can screw it to the wall. So we can place some aerial plants.

Today we have been struck by the Tillandsias plant, which does not require much care. It is a plant capable of taking the nutrients it needs from the air …

The Tillandsias is a plant with a very simple maintenance, which resist in places and areas with poor lighting. Adverse environments and low lighting, do not make a dent in these beautiful plants.

The tool is ideal for creating live compositions on walls, and other vertical gardens .. you can create the ones you like best.

The tool we have talked about allows a simple installation … we will only require a drill. And you will see what a beautiful environment they will create. Ideal for stays of minimalist style.

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