Alocasia Decorate with this plant -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Alocasia Decorate with this plant -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Hello good day. In today's space we will continue talking about the plant Alocasia for decorating our outdoor spaces or in indoor areas.

If you decide to have the plant at home, decorate with it your favorite corners .. the best location would be to have it in a well-lit room. If it can be, there are no drafts or too much heat. If possible always put it in semi-shade.

To be able to grow this species and to develop it correctly, we can use almost any type of substrate … we have already commented on the resistance of this plant … but if you want to know which one is best of all, it will be a composition or a light soil, which is well drained, mixed with sand and not acidic.

Once you plant the Alocasia, we must wait for it to grow and develop. If you want to know when its flowering season is, we tell you first that as we said in the previous space, the flowers of this plant are quite small and are arranged in spikes, we can see them in summer. The most striking of Alocasia are the leaves.

If you are going to plant it in a pot, remember to choose a fairly large one, since the plant is large … unless you choose the small one … then you will not need one so large, but provided you have good space for the roots of the plant .

To transplant it, it will be better during the spring, every two years or so … make it to a larger container, this as long as it has been planted in a pot and not in the ground.

Gentlemen, as I see the space lengthening, in the following article we will leave you the technical sheet with the light, the irrigation, the temperature that can be supported by Alocasia and some of its possible pests, although it is a very resistant plant there is always some pest that can attack.

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