Alocasia Decorate with this plant -Part III- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Alocasia Decorate with this plant -Part III- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today we continue with this third and last part about the Alocasia, a plant that can definitely turn any space into a beauty.

Today we propose to talk a little about the cultivation of this plant, the temperature, the irrigation, fertilizer … in short, what is necessary in case you are interested grow it either in your garden, patio or inside the house.

With respect to light what you need we will tell you that Alocasia is a plant that needs abundant light, but not having it directly in the sun … in fact the leaves may lose color or burn. If we have Alocasia, either inside or outside the home, the ideal is to find a place where semi-sun.

The Alocasia, on the other hand, can not stand the cold below 12 degrees, if this happens you will see how they lose their beautiful leaves .. although if this happens do not worry because they come out again in spring. We remember that Alocasia should be found rather with warmer temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees.

He irrigation It is very important, remember that in hot weather we should water the Alocasia a lot, but in winter it is hardly necessary. When you go to water it, spray the leaves with water, since they need a lot of moisture and then to keep them clean, just wipe them with a cloth dampened with water.

HE fertilizer It is quite important, remember that it should be paid every 15 days with a fertilizer rich in sulfur or potassium, perfect for the development of evergreen plants.

It is very important that when we enter times of colder, paying the plant will be increasingly scarce .. the supply of fertilizer in winter is suspended.

We remind you that the Alocasia It is a very resistant plant, but it can also be visited by an unexpected guest and we have to be prepared for them.

Some of its signs can help us find out what happens to the plant. For example, if you see that the leaves fall, it may be due to lack of water, increase watering, moisten its leaves and put the plant on a plate with stones, so it will drain well.

If you see black spots, with the yellow border on the leaves it can be excess water, so just reduce watering, you can always dry the plant a bit with an absorbent cloth.

Finally, if we see yellow or brown spots and on the reverse small cobwebs, it is that your Alocasia is visited by the red spider. Use a specific product such as an acaricide to kill it.

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