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Aloe Vera care

Good morning friends, in today's space I will comment on some small tips and things to keep in mind, so that the plant Aloe Vera grow and develop optimally.

Having this type of plant at home will not only brighten your eyes with its curious green leaves, but we will also be taking care of a powerful moisturizing and regenerating for your skin.

It's magnificent, I have a Aloe Vera .. in fact, I have it right next to me .. in the window. Now it is much better because it gives more sun, I had to change the room.

Aloe Vera is a plant that requires a lot of sun, so it is convenient to put it in areas where quite as in some specific part of the garden, in the patio or in the window.

Aloe Vera is perfect for skin care, you just have to cut one of its long leaves of small thorns and voila. You can keep this sheet in the fridge and it lasts a week.

To use it, cut a piece and remove the green skin, you will see that inside it has jelly meat … this meat can be passed as is on your face and your hands, you will see how soft! Serves to make creams for the skin, to use it naturally and also to eat in salad!

The leaves of this xerophilous plant perennial, are arranged in the form of small rosettes that can measure up to 50 cm long.

It is not a plant that resists moisture, we must avoid this. If it is resistant to cold, but not to moisture and needs a lot of sun. Try cultivate Aloe Vera in well drained land.

The pot where you grow Aloe should be large so that its leaves grow well and before the development of estate.

Something you should keep in mind is that this type of plant does not need much water, as it retains the humidity enough and we can harm it if we water it regularly. Remember to do it once a month in winter, twice in autumn and spring and once a week in summer.


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