Aloe Vera -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Aloe Vera -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning everyone, today in Decoration and Gardens We would love to tell you about a unique plant, with a multitude of properties .. this is Aloe Vera.

This plant, commonly known, can also be found with the name of sabila. Its structure is made up of quite long and thick leaves, to the touch it is fleshy with spiny or jagged edges.

The leaves are usually a beautiful, deep green color, sometimes with small white or silver spots.

In many homes we usually find the Aloe veraIn fact, I have one in the studio next to the window … we can plant it on the ground or place them in pots both outdoors and indoors.

We have already said that this plant, in addition to being perfect for decorating our house, also has a multitude of properties for both our own beauty and medicinal uses.

The key is found in its leaves, these contain gel and alcibar, which is wonderful for all our skin. If you take a knife, cut one of its fleshy leaves and then peel the green skin of them .. if you look we find ourselves as a kind of jelly, soft and that leaves us as a kind of gel or cream on the fingers.

This gel is perfect for our skin, so much so that it quickly acts on the three layers of the skin … for this we only need to rub with the inside of the leaves. You'll see what softer skin!

We can also eat these leaves in small pieces, in salted with other foods is very good for the body. To do this you also need to peel it, remember that the first layer of the sheet is more scratchy and has skewers … all this must be removed.

In the next article we will continue talking about the properties of this wonderful plant and also how to take care of it.

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