Aloe Vera -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Aloe Vera -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Aloe Vera is a plant that contains many properties, within this we can name a few .. Did you know that it is healing? It is also regenerative, perfect for tired skin and with hydration needs.

In addition to all this, Aloe Vera is an antiseptic plant, it is moisturizing … and a lot, it is also used to calm some rashes or skin allergies.

In addition to all this, Aloe Vera softens the stretch marks you have on the body and also wrinkles … that's why many of the Beauty treatments include Aloe vera product.

If you have burned it is also a good solution, it relieves the burns at the moment. It also calms the pain of people with varicose veins, if you have acne or have had and you have left spots, it is very good for this type of spots.

We can also use it for sunspots or for pregnancy … If you have problems with the scalp, it also heals the wounds produced in it and fights dandruff.

As you can see an ideal plant to have at home or abroad. On the other hand and apart from its properties we also tell you that, in general, the plant withstands cold temperatures quite well … but yes, the humidity is bad.

Because of this we will be careful when watering it, because the excess will rot the leaves and dry completely.

Theirs is to irrigate it with rainwater or filtered water because the faucets usually contain color and this can damage it.

If you want to clean the leaves of the plant, we will use a brush and thus eliminate the accumulated dust. If you are left with dirt or dirt stains, we will use a piece of wet cloth, but only a little wet … rub the leaves and voila.

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