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An easy to grow tree: ficus

In Latin Ficus means ‘fig’, it belongs to the Moraceae family, It is estimated that there are more than 900 species. Its leaves can be perennial or deciduous, and many times, if placed outside, it can become a leafy tree.

It has its origins in the tropical and subtropical areas of all the world. These plants have the advantages of easily adapting to different climates, especially the Mediterranean. It is usually used to decorate public gardens as it is easy to grow.

It is ideal that they receive good lighting, they can be placed without any problem in full sun. Despite this, there are some exceptions, such as Ficus pumila that should not be exposed to the sun because it is a copy of the interior.

The ideal substrate for the ficus must be loose and have a significant amount of peat and organic matter. With regard to irrigation we must tell you that it does not support excess water, in these cases a fall of the lower leaves is generated. Only during the summer do they require receiving a good amount of water.

The ficus flowers are very small, they only appear in old specimens, they do not have any ornamental value. The fruits of the ficus are large, with a pear shape.

While the most commonly used multiplication method for ficus is by cuttings, it can also be done by seeds. Whenever the cuttings are to be carried out, the temperatures should be high.

If you want to have a ficus inside your house We advise you to acquire a copy of the ficus ‘amstel king’ species. It is characterized by forming a small tree with elongated evergreen leaves that end in a point. Its leaves are a beautiful bright green. It will only require abundant risks during the summer, in winter it will be enough to keep the substrate a little wet. It can be paid twice a month when it is in the growth stage.

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