An orchard in the trunk

An orchard in the trunk

Good morning, my dear friends! In today's space, Decoration and Gardens, wants to give you a great idea for the decoration of all our corners.

If you love to decorate and you are fascinated by plants … surely this idea will have a lot to say … or at least inspire!

Especially for those who love the interesting vintage stylePerhaps this idea is good enough to decorate your environments.

Now you can add charm to your corners in a very simple and curious way … if you have old trunks, which you do not use but do not want to get rid of them … today we have a little job for you.

What better idea than using the trunks as planters or large planters! As you can see in the image above they are a real wonder, with a most attractive result.

Take advantage of the trunks you have at home and do not use for anything else. To plant everything you want in them, all we have to do is prepare it a bit and that's it.

If you have things inside, take them out and clean it of the remains of other elements. Once you have it, you may or may not get into restoring the trunk .. this will depend on where we want to locate it if it is in a garden, in a yard or inside the house ..

Be that as it may, it can be adapted for each type of environment … but remember that if you release water from watering it, we must be cautious if we want to have the trunk at home and add some base or structure in order not to put the ground full of water.

In this case we can see it outside the house, specifically in the garden … the trunk has been prepared inside in the sense of getting rid of everything it had.

Once clean we fill with soil and fertilize it … now it only remains to add our favorite flowers … To do this, if you have them already grown, we can transplant them inside this trunk .. if you have not planted anything, then do not expect another opportunity, plant inside your trunk .. you'll see what results!

Remember for the issue of watering make some holes in the base of the trunk so it will not stagnate!

The idea is curious, attractive, different, nice and we also use furniture that we had stored. As you can see with that vintage touch and a rustic point, a wonderful decorative element has been achieved for our outdoor areas.

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