An outdoor table

An outdoor table

Good morning, my dear friends … in today's space we will talk about how to decorate a table when we go to celebrate something outdoors.

If you have a birthday, a wedding, communion, a gathering of friends or a very special party and you want the decoration to be magnificent and in keeping with the moment, today in Decoration and Gardens We would love to provide you with some idea to rethink that exterior decoration.

If you are looking for a nice and interesting touch, a touch full of freshness and with a most attractive result .. read on! We love simple, fast solutions and if they can be economic.. therefore we will use accessories of these characteristics.

For example, in the image we see how they have made a great centerpiece by recycling colored bottles … if you form some groupings and add beautiful flowers they are beautiful as a center, embellishing and making the table protagonist.

If you want to organize any type of meeting in your garden or in the patio or terrace .. remember that the table will be one of the strong points of the night .. try to find elements that harmonize the evening.

On this occasion we see perfectly how the table and chairs are made of wood … and everything that accompanies it is quite natural as the individual ones that were made in vegetable fiber.

Find the colors that you like the most and bring the brushstrokes of contrast through the flowers, the napkins, plates … maybe the linens, the glasses.

Finally, with respect to the center made with bottles … to enrich the decoration we can put them in different sizes and in different colors … especially that it combines with the rest.

As you can see it is very easy to take advantage of our outdoor spaces and more now in hot weather it becomes almost essential to spend some time in the garden or on your terrace ..

Photography: desiretoinspire

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