Anti-mosquito plants - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Anti-mosquito plants – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to tell you about anti mosquito plants. Did you know that some plants are natural repellents?

In summer it is what bothers us the most, those little insects that without knowing when suddenly we are full of bites … that if your blood is sweeter than mine, that I give off more carbon dioxide than you …

But in the end there are plants that will help us alleviate these summer insects that we have throughout the house and especially at night!

In addition to sun rays and pleasant temperatures, the spring and summer bring with them other additives less missed in the winter months.

This is the case of mosquitoes, enemies of outdoor gatherings and fresh air currents when opening the windows of our house. An inopportune visitor that we can cast without resorting to anti-mosquito products or ineffective inventions with simple natural tricks.

A simple way to scare away mosquitoes will be to place strategic plants in the points of the house that, either by being outdoors or by requiring ventilation, become the preferred entrance for these uncomfortable insects.

A natural anti-mosquito remedy while decorative as the one offered by the lady of the night, a branched shrub that, in addition to driving away these annoying visitors with a gentle aroma, will be perfect on any porch or patio of the house.

Also striking for opening its flowers during the night, the lady of the night will be an effective anti-mosquito remedy that can be combined with other shrubs such as jasmine, with the same qualities against these insects. With a strong and attractive aroma for humans, jasmine acts as a mosquito repellent while serving to decorate any outdoor place in our house.

In another variety of mosquito fighting, we can grow herbs such as basil to keep them out of our home.

Decorative, useful and edible, we can place basil in the kitchen window so that you can also enjoy the culinary properties offered by this herb. A perfect ally against the mosquitoes that we can place next to a pot with rosemary or thyme, also effective to scare away these flying insects that so many headaches suppose to us in the hottest months.

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