Aromatic herbs - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Aromatic herbs – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will teach you step by step the cultivation of some aromatic herbs.

These are ideal plants to locate in the kitchen, given its pleasant aroma .. also we have them on hand to use them in our stews and dishes.

But we can also do it in the garden or in a small patio … wherever you go to plant them, here are some small tips.

The plants, in addition to helping with the decoration and creating cooler and more dynamic environments, also serve to perfume, color, and in this case consume them.

But if you want to plant them in your kitchen, here we leave you the materials that you have to use and thus guarantee their good development.

The necessary materials are as many pots, as we want plants, soil, seeds or plants and transparent plastic bags.

The first thing will be to take the pots and … if you already have the plant you only have to transplant it. Add soil and then locate the plant. Pay a little and add water .. ready.

If you do not have the plant, but you have seeds, plant these in seedlings and after the seedlings have grown .. we transplant them to the pots.

Remember that we can also do this directly in the pot, if we do so … the seeds will go straight to the ground at a depth of about 3 cm from the surface.

Finally the pots, we put them in the kitchen .. but far from heat sources such as ovens and microwaves and away from the humidity as next to the sink.

Finally, if you want to create a small microclimate … cover your pots with a transparent plastic bag … so we will favor their growth.

We remove the plastic when the plants have germinated and will develop normally.

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