Algunas aromáticas que puedes tener en cuenta

Aromatic plants for your garden

We will tell you the characteristics of some aromatics that you can have in your garden or vegetable garden.

Basil's scientific name Ocimum basilicum. It is an annual plant that every year should be grown new. The seeds must be sown at the arrival of spring. To delay flowering and keep it in a more compact way we advise you to cut the ends of the stems.

The leaves of this species are aromatic and are used to flavor gastronomic dishes. The aroma is strong and its flavor is very tasty, but it should not be abused, it is best to use a small amount. It should be used fresh, it should not be cooked.

An excellent way to preserve the qualities is to freeze it. You can fill the buckets with fresh leaves that have been chopped and water. Place them in the freezer. When using them, the cubes must be defrosted.

Peppermint or Sandalwood
Scientific name Mentha sativa Peppermint is a perennial plant that lives for many years. Ideally, plant it in semi-shade, the sun will be damaged. Remember that for optimal development requires frequent watering.

One of the pests that most affect it are caterpillars, so if you see them on their leaves, remove them by hand, you don't need to use any chemical insecticide. Using the same method as basil you can keep them frozen in cubes.

Peppermint is a plant that multiplies by division, cutting with a knife the root ball in portions.

Scientific name Laurus nobilis. It usually presents as a bush. We advise you to avoid placing it in full sun in the summer because its leaves can get burned, ideally it is located in a semi-shaded area.

The leaves can be collected throughout the year or make corsages to dry in the fall. Its leaves have a more intense flavor than fresh leaves. It is an easy plant to multiply by cuttings, usually planted in the summer.

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