Aromatize your Environments! - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Aromatize your Environments! – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about the decoration in our home and how to take advantage of the details to aromatize our environments.

If you are one of the people who love good aromas, today we suggest you make your own blends with the plants that you cultivate

The perfumes bought for the home, are very good but if you have a garden and especially if you plant some aromatic plants, or scented flowers, we can always take advantage of these and make our own natural air fresheners.

If you want your house to smell different, have personality … you can prepare your own homemade air fresheners.

If you have fruit trees, these can be perfect home air fresheners that will provide our home with the best smell. Like the oranges punctured with cloves or perhaps a piece of lemon, cut it as if it were a melon … with a slit it is enough to introduce a little hirbabuena, if you grow or else fresh mint in the hollow ..

After doing this we reinsert the extracted piece into the lemon and place it on a plate … in this way the room will smell like a thousand wonders.

We are many who love the essences based on natural products, so we invite you to try a great air freshener with aromatic herbs, fruits, flowers … etc.

Remember that to perform it it is essential to use a good fixing oil, this will help the essence stay much longer in the home.

Finally we tell you two little tricks to prevent our house smell like smoke. What we can do is that if we grow lavender or lavender, place a little of this plant at the bottom of the ashtray … you'll see how when it starts to heat up when the cigar is extinguished, the heat will intensify this sweet aroma.

Another wonderful trick is to vaporize a little fragrance in our home light bulbs that is pleasant to us. In this way every time we turn on the light, the heat that it gives off causes the aroma to be distributed throughout the home.

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