Asian twinkle to decorate your gardens

Asian twinkle to decorate your gardens

Do you know the Centella Asiatica plant? It is beautiful, evergreen, that we can have in the garden throughout the year. Centella Asiatica, is a wonderful plant belonging to the family of Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) It is also native to the pantropical zone of the Indian Ocean (India, China, Indonesia, Australia, Srilanka, Madagascar, South Africa)

Centella Asiatica, is well known as a medicinal plant in many areas of Asia and Africa. Used for therapeutic purposes, given the properties of the species, it is perfect for use as a good healing or as a digestive herb. In addition, Centella is used as an antimicrobial, an antiviral or as an analgesic.

Of course This plant has been tested, to see if the effects are really the ones mentioned… and, modern science, have discovered that they can be confirmed. In this way, it is not only a beautiful plant to decorate, but we can also use it for our own benefit.

This species usually grows and develops in swampy areas., on the banks of lagoons … from here to that their natural habitat is the humid and shady areas. Normally it grows spontaneously, but we can always grow it in our garden, if we have the appropriate means and environment.

Centella is a climbing plant, if the plants on the ground can crawl… Instead, if you place it near a fence it will climb. Normally the height of it, is usually about 20 cm high and, its stolons and stems, allows you to climb or crawl. The plant, with rounded leaves at the edges, also bears fruit. Finally, I comment that, Centella is considered one of the best herbs, in different parts of the world. It becomes a good tonic for nerves and a natural way to treat them. What do you think?

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