Autumn pests – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with some tips to eliminate or prevent autumn pests, which lurk for the next season.

Remember that, although in the cold months, you can not take advantage of everything you want your outdoor areas .. you should never forget them. You also have to keep your plants in the hardest months of the year, for them.

Depending on what you have planted and its resistance to pests, during these dates there are many stalking orchards or decorative areas.

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<p>In autumn there may be more humidity, depending on where you live. It is a less hot climate, but more humid and, moreover, softer than winter.</p>
<p>For this reason some pests appear in autumn. Normally, excess water is a great way for pests to appear .. since they detect that the plant is weak.</p>
<p>When this occurs, it can happen that your plant is infested with fungi that can cause irreparable damage or death in your plants.</p>
<p>Given this we have different products in the market, in fact not long ago I talked about some of them. Products like fungicides are what we need.</p>
<p>Also investigate your plants and eliminate those leaves that are damaged by the plague. This should be enough to clean it up.</p>
<p>Another plague that appears are the pruning ants and the blessed aphids. This type of pests is difficult to eliminate, but easy to control.</p>
<p>To do this, try to examine your plants, especially the back of the leaves and flower buds.</p>
<p>If you are late, in the market you will find many products that will help you fight these types of pests.</p>
<p>Where there is humidity, if you have an orchard or some garden plants … they can colonize slugs and snails … among others.</p>
<p>To combat them, boil some lettuce and sprinkle as a decoy near the crop .. then collect the lettuce the next morning.</p>
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