Autumnal cultivation. Sowing of radish

Autumnal cultivation. Sowing of radish

Good morning friends! We love that you follow our advice, we try to find quick, simple and economical suggestions … mostly so that we can all enjoy the charm of flowers and plants … either inside or outside in the garden.

Today Decoration and Gardens we talk about some of the most recurrent autumnal crops, radish planting.

Commonly called Rabanitos, they are native to the Far East. His real name is Raphanus Sativus.

The radishes are a good alternative, because they grow quickly and grow that fast … so it is ideal for urban crops and to throw our dishes.

The seeds may take 6 to 9 days to germinate, as you see a very fast growing crop.

If you are going to grow Radishes, your thing is to plant the seeds during the Fall … although we can do it throughout the year, this is the best time to do it. If we go into winter, we must protect it from frost.

When we go to plant remember that the soil should be prepared, well fertilized, fertile and worked. Leave the earth rather loose.

If we are going to plant radishes, theirs is to protect them from both frost and intense heat.

We must provide the Rabanito with constant humidity, because it needs it to grow. To do this, water daily and avoid encharcamienetos.

This crop does not require great care and does not usually appear large pests .. only the caterpillar of the cabbage or diseases such as mildew … but not very important pests.

Finally we tell you that once developed Los Rabanitos, the collection will be carried out from the month of planting. If you want to plant more crops, the most favorable for radish will be spinach, lettuce, parsley, garlic, carrot …

At your side never plant cauliflower, broccoli or cabbage .. it is unfavorable for the cultivation of radish.

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