Avoid aphids in your plants

When spring begins, the plants should be checked to verify their appearance. Remember that developing plants are the aphids' favorite food. With the check of this type of pests a pruning can be carried out taking advantage to control the growth and give a good shape to the plants.

Pests affect poorly fed plants that do not have the amount of water. If you keep the plants well watered and fertilized, they can hardly get a pest.

If the plants are outside you should be careful with the insecticide you use, since some can kill aphids, but it will also kill some other insects that are good for plants.

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<p style=We will give you some tips that you can take into account when removing aphids from your garden

First of all you will have to get rid of the affected parts of the stems, performing a good pruning.

Spray with an insecticide on the affected part. The insecticide used should be advised by a specialist as it could affect the plants and eliminate other insects that are actually good for your plants.

Thirdly you should isolate the plant, watching it for a few days to make sure the insects have disappeared.

If you want to use a natural insecticide you can use nicotine, which is obtained from tobacco, in addition to eliminating aphids it will help you with thrips. This substance acts by contact and by ingestion.

To obtain the nicotine you must take three cigarettes, remove the filter, remove the paper and let the inside macerate in a liter of water for 24 hours. Then filter the contents and pulverize it in the plant where the insects are.

In smaller or potted plants the method is faster and simpler. Cover the plant with a plastic bag, holding it with a rubber, make a hole and introduce a soda straw where you should put the cigarette hunger (this method can only be done in smoking houses, remember that smoking is harmful to health ). Let the smoke act for at least one hour. Remove the bag. Experts say the method is guaranteed by its good results.

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