Una especie invasora

Avoid the invasion of the Cortaderia

If you want to keep your garden free of the invading Cortaderia Be sure to read the following article, where you will find excellent advice and guidelines to follow.

Many plants that were used for a long time as ornamentals became true invaders, due to their rapid growth.

The Cortaderia is a plant that has its origins in South America, in Spain it is also known as Cantabrian Cornice and it is normal to see it in different areas, mainly in Catalonia. It can also be found in the Canary Islands.

It is a plant that has a very high and lush bearing. It has colorful flowers with a duster shape that appear during the summer. Due to its characteristics it is a species with the ability to modify the landscape. It invades riverbanks, river regions, dunes and estuaries.

In some parts of the northern zone it can invade the slopes and clearings. It is listed as an invasive exotic species.

Its great reproduction and expansion is due to its high production of diasporas, which dissipate due to the action of the wind. It is a plant that easily adapt to high temperatures and dry place.

Eradicating it is quite complicated, it is best to remove it manually but always protecting yourself from the cuts that cause the sharp edges of the leaves. Pruning the dusters before they throw seeds is another way to prevent their expansion.

Measures for eradication must be repeated periodically to be successful, ensuring that no new individuals appear. It is important to avoid planting it in the garden, you can use some similar ornamental species. Some of the species that we advise you are: Mauritanian Ampelodesms, Saccharum Ravennae, Stipa Tenacissima, Crataegus monogyna, Phormium tenax.

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