Avoid wasps in the garden

Good morning friends, if you have problems with wasps today I leave you with some great tips for it.

Remember that on many occasions they are annoying, because if you want to enjoy a good morning .. before the real cold arrives, you cannot be calm.

That is why it is good to have certain tricks in the sleeve, for this I leave here some of them .. and you will tell me.

Spiders, cockroaches, aphids, … There are many insects that inhabit our garden, producing, usually, irreparable damage to plants and flowers.

Although some of them, sometimes, it is good to have them to keep other types of pests at bay. But wasps are also sometimes a problem.

Some kinds of wasps affect plants, since they are scrubbers and destroy the leaves of some plants.

For example, a great way to keep wasps away is to surround the garden with plants such as basil, jasmine, bay leaf or lavender are very good.

But there are also homemade, great tricks that will help you a lot, especially for the most persistent.

For example, you can use the water of a cooked onion by spraying it around the place where you are going to be.

If you are going to eat outside, place a lemon with cloves so that the wasps do not approach. They don't like naphthalene either.

In addition another good remedy is to use a plastic bottle, split in half, and pour beer and sugar in the base, putting the inverted top part as a funnel. The wasps will undoubtedly fall and drown, they really like the candy.

Remember that if you have found the nest and want to eliminate it, you can do it with several jets of water, using a hose.

It is also preferable to try to find their transfer themselves, putting something very sweet away from where they have the current nest.

photo: hfpestcontrol

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