Balls decorated like small pebbles

Good morning friends, today I leave you with beautiful balls to decorate the garden. You can look for pebbles, which we have talked about to decorate, or look for natural elements to decorate outdoor spaces.

Today, for example, I propose to decorate the favorite corners with these balls, which you can make them yourself.

If you dare, here I leave you the materials you need.

stones "src =" https://decoracionyjardines.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/piedras-de-guijarros.jpg "width =" 320 "height =" 322 "srcset =" https: // decoracionyjardines. com / wp-content / uploads / 2013/06 / pebble-stones.jpg 220w, https://decoracionyjardines.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/piedras-de-guijarros-150x150.jpg 150w " sizes = "(max-width: 320px) 100vw, 320px" /></p>
<p>A poliespan ball as big as you want.</p>
<p>Small river pebbles, which you can buy</p>
<p>Adhesive latex that can be used in ceramic tiles</p>
<p>Sandpaper for tile</p>
<p>Acrylic varnish, which can be matt, glossy or satin</p>
<p>A black marker</p>
<p>Some tools that we will see with the step by step</p>
<p>A sponge, a soft cloth</p>
<p>The first thing we will do is divide the pebbles into colors, you can put the darker ones on one side and the lighter ones on the other.</p>
<p>Now take the permanent marker and draw a spiral on the ball that can also be foam. Go drawing from top to bottom a design that you like.</p>
<p>Now, with the help of a spatula, go adding adhesive spreading it along the lines of the drawing or design created on the ball.</p>
<p>The next step is to adhere the darker stones along the lines, covered with adhesive, following the outline of the drawing.</p>
<p>Then with the help of more adhesive, the spatula and a little patience, fill in the remaining holes in your design.</p>
<p>The drawing, or rather, the rest of the drawing we fill it with pebbles that have a lighter color.</p>
<p>Now give a layer of grout, using a damp sponge to rub it into the spaces of the stones.</p>
<p>Then turn the sponge, and with its cleaner side remove the excess grout from the ball.</p>
<p>Let the ball dry and then rub it well with a clean, soft cloth … so we will give the lost shine to the stones and remove impurities.</p>
<p>In this way we are adding a nice contrast to the piece with which you can decorate the garden, the terrace or the patio.</p>
<p>You can make the ball as big as you want and as many as you want. I hope you like it.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=favecrafts

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