Bamboo care

Bamboo care

If you want to know what are the basic care of bamboo, today I leave some small tips to keep in mind. I particularly love bamboo to decorate, fence or as a material in certain furniture. If you also have bamboo at home, here you have some basic care.

This plant, which today occupies the post, does not process cold or heat well, of air conditioners. So if you have these machines at home, do not decorate with bamboo .. you can do it with some imitation or do it in outdoor areas or another room that does not have the air.

Remember that the stems of this plant can become soft. When this happens it is because they are rotting. This means that you can do little for your bamboo. You have to take care of it first thing, so that this does not happen. It is also important to keep in mind that, when the rotting process begins, the rest of healthy bamboo can be infected. In this way it proceeds to eliminate the reeds that are soft.

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<p>The thing changes when you only have one or two pieces in bamboo water. If you see that it is rotting you can simply cut the area of ​​the affected stem and change it from the bottle. Then introduce the healthy parts and ready to continue growing!</p>
<p>A small tip, so that the plant grows healthy and safe, is to add a few drops of fertilizer to the water. There are liquid fertilizers, specific for this type of plants. It's a good trick, you'll see how bamboo grows in great condition and develops even better.</p>
<p>Finally I tell you that this exotic plant is widely used in Feng Shui style decorations, we will also see it a lot in minimalist style decorations. If you like bamboo, you know what you can do when you see it soft or what you have to avoid so that it breaks down like the air conditioner.</p>
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